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This site is dedicated to the publishing of Projects, Programs and
Information that may be useful for like minded individuals.

Scope of publications is within the IT Development and Support or projects or the further
development of existing Projects.

Customer- and Project management for Consultants & Small Business
C#, Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005, Firebird (Interbase) Database
This program was developed to administer and track time spent on actions performed by way of reporting
hours, expenses etc in an easy to use software environment. It provides the flexibility to invoice all time and
expenses in one bill which is exportable into Microsoft Excel. As the program applies modular software design
concepts it is easily expandable enabling the user to upgradeability to latest versions.

CustomControls in C# (download)
C#, compatible with Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
This module combines controls that can be used within a .NET environment.

preview (download)
C++, Windows Mobile 2003
This Program interrogates the Calender function which displays all appointments within a configurable duration
( i.e. within the next 30 Days). Also making configurable markers available to be displayed within the ‘Note’ or ‘Contacts’ section on a monthly or annual basis (i.e. Birthdays of Contacts or other regular occurrences).

Software Support
C, Linux, Eclipse
This Tool enables the downloading of an mp3 stream from Internet-Radio onto the local hard drive.

vdr (Digital Sattelite Videorecorder) – German only